#EdCampQC and How to Really Grow Educators

I was lucky enough to be asked to help organize #EdCampQC this past weekend.  First of all, let me say that I did very little. Several other educators, especially Lisa Pagano (@edu_ms_pagano) and Emily Casabonne (@millielikesthis), did much more work to help this event occur.  I am eternally grateful to them and several others (check out the hashtag to find more organizers or visit the website edcampqc.weebly.com).  This was something that I have wanted to do for several years and I will say, without a doubt, it is the most impactful PD experience I have had as a leader and learner.  Seeing almost 200 educators come out at 8:00 AM on a Saturday BY CHOICE speaks volumes about the power of this type of PD.  What it tells me as a leader is that sit and get, zero choice PD is not the way we will grow the educators our students need.  PD should be personalized, differentiated to the teacher and their unique learning styles.  It should offer options to educators that include the topic, the modality, the time, and the instructor (hopefully learning from each other).  It’s interesting to see the personalization model growing for our students, but not necessarily for our teachers.  It reminds me of my ed professors who told me not to lecture in the classroom–and then lectured for 3 hours!  My hope for #EdCampQC is that it becomes not only a recurring, annual event, but that it also begins the movement for our teachers to begin asking for more in terms of professional development.  To begin asking for choice, for flexible learning, for opportunities to learn from and with each other.  My goal as an organizer is that the conversations at #EdCampQC never disappear and that next time (yes, next time!) #EdCampQC not only facilitates more personalized learning for educators but that we also are talking about how it ignited a revolution in teacher professional development, a revolution that impacted (and continues to impact) teachers, students, and families.

Thanks again to all the organizers for #EdCampQC!  I’ll cherish my t-shirt forever–or at least until next time!


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